Developing strategies to manage talent in a competitive global environment

Given the competitive global landscape, many organizations are experiencing an urgent need for new talent acquisition strategies, talent mobility programs, and updated talent management programs. Firms of all sizes have struggled to shift their resources toward growth markets and often find a shortage of talent and leadership holding them back. High unemployment in many developed countries is coupled with a shortage of new and critical business skills creating a tremendous demand for training, talent mobility and leadership development.

We help companies understand changing workforce trends, build effective succession management practices, and develop emerging leaders and talent managers who can take the organization into the future.

If you’ve been considering taking action in any of these areas, contact us to continue the discussion.

  • Succession Planning
  • High Potential Development
  • Talent Management Strategies
  • Global Workforce Trends
  • Relocation/Mobility Coaching


Here are some examples of how we have used our capabilities to assist our clients in the area of leadership development.


We’ll help you to be ready for future challenges by providing approaches to assess the leadership capacity you have, plan for what’s needed tomorrow, and ensure a pipeline for key leadership roles.


We’ll help turn your leaders into talent managers who are keenly aware of what skills are needed, where the potential resides, and how to nurture talent within their team.


We’ll help you identify high potential employees and create development strategies and plans to prepare them to lead effectively in the future.